Thursday, 17 March 2016

My Prototech Maths Result

Today I went on prototech Website to keep on practicing my addition , subtraction , multiplication and division. I think I need to stall work on my additions. I did very well on these area's on Prototech: Addition to 20, Subtraction to 20 times and division to 2,3,5,10 and mt addition and subtraction to 1000.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Narrative Secret Place

In the past before the 1900’s there were three kids and a mother. The mother was named Katy and her children were called James, Alicia and Gordon. Her children had been drugged and kidnapped. The parents called the cops and the cops said “They were nowhere to be found”. The mother said “Can’t you do anything about it?”. The cops said “No unless you have evidence that you didn’t do it”.

The next morning the mother went searching for them. As she was running through the field of Eden park she fell into a dark mysterious hole. When she fell in the hole torches started to lit up against the wall. As she was walking traps came out of nowhere, arrows shooting out of the wall and rooms getting smaller. While she was walking she would hear weird noises whispering her children’s names Alicia, James and Gordon over and over again. As she leaned against the wall one of the bricks came out and that’s where it led her to children in a secret passage. She found her children but they were across from her. Whenever she stepped on the wrong tile her children get attacked. As she walked carefully to her children all of a sudden an arrow shot out of the wall and it had killed Gordon. When she saw Gordon killed she cried her lungs out and she was very heartbroken. Katy only had one plan on her mind for her children to survive.

If she wanted her children to survive she had to put a gun next to her head. So as she put the gun next to her head she said “Goodbye”. When she pulled the trigger a loud bang bounced off the walls. She died with her son. Everyday Alicia and James would meet by their mum’s and brother's graves and would say “Goodbye”!!!

KWL Chart

This is Fraidoon, Malakai and mine KWL chart. This KWL chart tells alot of information about wallabies. Some of the information was true and some information was false. For example we thought a young kangaroo was a wallabie but it isn't.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Free Rice Donation

Today In Learning Space 1 I donated 1260 rice to the people that don't have that much food.I learnt the 4 operation,algebra and square roots.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

My Prototech Maths Result

Today I went on a game named Prototech and this was the result I got.It was challenging because some of the answers I didn't know it.